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Trinity's STEAM Studio Sparks Creativity and Inspires Critical Thinking

Posted On: 8/23/2018 10:54 AM

The STEAM studio at Trinity is inspiring critical thinking of Lower School students at Trinity, where they are engaged by stimulating curriculum that increases achievement and creates positive attitudes towards the study of STEAM-related fields. STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and creative thinking. Trinity Lower School students are enjoying the opportunity to become inventors and innovators through the STEAM program that inspires curiosity, active engagement, and critical thinking skills necessary for success in the ever-changing landscape of the global community.

Recently, K5 students spent time in the STEAM studio, where they carefully measured ingredients to make slime, using food coloring, glue, and liquid starch. Students even got to wear goggles "like real scientists!" Second grade students used their imaginations, and a little teamwork, to create “spaghetti and marshmallow towers” in the STEAM Studio. And Mr. Stewart’s fourth grade classes performed an experiment on the changing effects kinetic energy has on mass. The students added mass (water) to their objects (bottles) and measured how far their objects would push an additional object (plastic cup) down an inclined surface and across a table. Lower School classes at Trinity are moving "full STEAM ahead" in finding creative ways to use our STEAM Studio!


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