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Seventh Grade Students Receive State Recognition through Duke TIP

Posted On: 5/8/2018 12:17 PM

Six seventh grade students qualified to receive state recognition through the 38th annual Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program). Cal Bennett, Tate Bixenman, Chappell Hill, John Russ Marshall, Emory Roth, and Tabitha Tegman qualified based on their performance on either the SAT or ACT. Of the six that qualified to receive state recognition, one student, Tabitha Tegman, also qualified to receive grand recognition. Students have been invited to attend the State Recognition Ceremony at the University of Alabama on May 7. The Grand Recognition Ceremony is scheduled for May 21 at Duke University.

The Duke University Talent Identification Program serves 16 states of the southeast and is committed to identifying and serving academically talented young people, providing students with information about their abilities, academic options and resources, as well as sponsoring challenging educational programs.

Seventh graders are invited to participate in the SAT or ACT if they score at the 95th percentile or above in one of the following areas on the ERB or verbal ability, reading comprehension, quantitative reasoning, mathematics, writing mechanics or writing concepts and skills. Students can also qualify with other approved standardized test scores. Students took either the SAT or the ACT during the months of December 2017-March 2018.

Congratulations to all the participants and especially our six honorees! 


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